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Revies of new released Salsa CD

The author of the CD reviews:  DJ Michael 'El Rumbero' (Berlin)

Here you'll find reviews of new released Salsa-CDs. This is NOT a review page for Salsa heroes like Willie Colon, Celia Cruz, Hector Lavoe ... sorry for that! We want to support new bands and we want to support the production of new Salsa releases. And YES the big names like Ray Barretto, Sonora Poncena etc. are the heroes of our authors! But we want to present the new generation of Salsa musicians with this site.

The author of the CD releases is Salsa-DJ Michael who works in Berlin at the Havanna and SODA club as a resident DJ.

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Juni 2008 Conjunto Salsometro - Para Que Bailes Mi Son German version


Oktober 2007 Son De Tikizia - Salsa Dura Pa' Los Pies German version


November 2006 La Excelencia - Salsa Con Conciencia German version
September 2006 Cubanoson - Recordando A Cuba German version

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